Vocdoni chronology


January - Vocdoni Platform available in Open Access.


July - First relevant voting process hold with a 280.000 user base with a client (Òmnium Cultural).

September - Early Access program starts with +20 organizations using Vocdoni Platform on regular basis.

October - Vocdoni Bridge, a new project for token-based governance on top of Vocdoni Open Stack starts.

December - Vocdoni Bridge MVP released.


July - Seed funding.

December - First version of Vocdoni Open Stack Infrastructure working.

February - Vocdoni Platform MVP released.


April - First donations are received. Project starts.

June - First testing with ZCash.

October - First design of Vocdoni Open Stack.

November - Team consolidation. Development starts.


October - Censorship during the 2017 Catalan referendum catalyzes the birth of the project